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Purchase Pentedrone Crystal . Pentedrone (also known as ?-methylamino valerophenone) is a stimulant of the cathinone class that has been sold as a designer drug and has been found since 2010 Purchase Pentedrone Crystal online as an ingredient in a number of “bath salt” mixes sold as legal highs.

Pentedrone acts as a norepinephrine-dopamine reuptake inhibitor without causing their release, the same mechanism of action as methylphenidate.

Side effects
Pentedrone Crystal has been linked to at least one death where it was combined with ?-PVP and caused heart failure.

The chemical formula of Pentedrone Crystal indicated that the effects of this chemical compound might be very similar of mephedrone – the most famous cathinone research chemical synthesized during the last century.Purchase Pentedrone Crystal online

Its pharmacology can provide strong binding to noradrenalin, dopamine and serotonin transporters, which could potentially be used as a potential anti-depressant like Ephedrone in 1940s was used in the Soviet Union. Further it give the chemical compound Pentedrone the possibility to be used in medical trials as a weight loss supplement – because it might have also a similar way of action like the synthetic cathinone amfepramone. Purchase Pentedrone Crystal online

A forensic standard of Pentedrone is available, and the compound has been posted on the Forendex website of potential drugs of abuse.

Little data exists about the toxicity and abuse potential of pentedrone in humans. Due to its novelty and brief history of human usage, all information related to this compound should be treated with extreme caution. It is strongly recommended that one use harm reduction practices if using this substance. Purchase Pentedrone Crystal online

Pentedrone is a Anlage II controlled drug in Germany.

As of October 2015 Pentedrone is a controlled substance in China.

Pentedrone is banned in the Czech Republic.

Chemical and physical data
Formula: C12H17NO

Molar mass: 191.269 g/mol g·mol?1

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