You MUST USE a REAL NAME when ordering, and an actual address that can be delivered to. If for whatever reason your package gets returned by USPS due to incomplete delivery info, fake name, etc. back to a bunk address then we will NOT issue refunds, or re-ships. We follow through on our end using info you give us to ship, most postmen are going to know if there is a fake name going to an address that they deliver to everyday.

It is YOUR responsibility to give us correct information to ship to. It is OUR responsibility to use that information to get you your goods! So please do us both a favor and make sure your shipping info is ACCURATE!

PGP ADDRESS FORMAT MUST BE LIKE THIS: Always use PGP when ordering from us. View details of PGP on PGP Encryption/Decryption Page.

City, State, Zip code

For Example
John Doe
13 Elm St.
Reno, NV. 89504
If for whatever reason your package is lost in transit for an unreasonable amount of time, etc. Then we will offer a reship or 50% refund. In addition, we have not yet had any packages lost, or seized to date.

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